A livesubscribe method allows users to subscribe to liveloading events. The number of events you can subscribe to is limited; please see liveloading limits for more information.

{"type": "method", "method": "livesubscribe", "params": {"events": ["user:1:update", "channel:1:followed"]}, "id": 42}
  • events is an array of events to subscribe to. Note that either all events are successfully subscribed to, or a failure occurs and no events are subscribed to. Either do or do not, there is no try.

A livesubscribe reply looks like one of the following:

  • A successful reply:
    {"type": "reply", "result": null, "error": null, "id": 42}
  • A reply with an invalid event:
    {"type": "reply", "result": null, "error": {"code": 4106, "message": "Unknown event \"my silly event\" "}, "id": 42}
  • A reply for an event you do not have permission to see:

    {"type": "reply", "result": null, "error": {"code": 4107, "message": "You do not have permission to subscribe to \"user:1:secrets\""}, "id": 42}')
  • A reply for an event you are already subscribed to:
    {"type": "reply", "result": null, "error": {"code": 4108, "message": "Attempt to duplicate subscription to \"user:1:update\""}, "id": 42}')