Sent when a user levels up in a channel, to the channel they ranked upped in.

Property Type Description
level ProgressionLevel The current hearts information of the user who ranked up.
userId uint The userId of the user who leveled up.
timestamp string The timestamp of this event.
total uint The total Hearts of this user.


Property Type Description
nextLevelXp uint The required Hearts for the next rank
currentXp uint The current Hearts for the user
level uint The rank of the user
minXp uint The minimum xp required for this rank
color string the color of this rank
complement string the color complement for this rank
assetsUrl string The asset url for this rank
name string The name of the rank


{ "userId": 1234,
  "timestamp": "2019-04-19T19:45:07Z",
  "total": 120,
  "level": {
    "nextLevelXp": 250,
    "currentXp": 120,
    "level": 2,
    "minXp": 100,
    "color": "#aaafb6",
    "complement": "#66A1F4",
    "assetsUrl": ""