Sent when a skill is executed on a channel. Stickers are unfortunately not included in this event.

The payload varies depending on the Skill being executed. As we add new Skills check back here for updated payloads.

Property Type Description
channelId uint Channel Id the Skills is being executed on
skillId GUID Unique identifier for the Skill
executionId GUID Id for this execution of the Skill. Can be used to cancel.
manifest Object An object containing technical details on how to execute the Skill including Skill resources. Updated documentation coming soon!
parameter Object Any parameters asociated with the Skill
socketUrl string Used to provide a socket for users to connect to when the Skill is a rally e.g. Beachball
triggeringUserId uint User Id of the user who executed this skill
currencyType string Currency (None, Sparks, or Embers) of the executed skill
price uint The cost of the executed skill


    "channelId": 53411,
    "skillId": "f3598535-7fcd-4287-9ad4-b915f418af0a",
    "executionId": "538f43b7-ba88-47bf-885c-80a76dd86845",
    "manifest": {},
    "parameters": {},
    "socketUrl": null,
    "triggeringUserId": 46205,
    "currencyType": "Sparks",
    "price": 125