Welcome to Season 2

If you haven't already we suggest reading our blog post first.

Season 2 is the next evolution of the Mixer platform. It provides a great way to engage more deeply with your community on Mixer.

Leader Boards

Check out our leaderboard guide here.


Read our Embers guide here.


Skills are new forms of expression for users to interact with streamers. Skills cost sparks to execute and can be level or role locked. Each Skill can be uniquely Identified by its ID. There are 3 types of Skill:

  1. Stickers - Stickers are rendered in Chat you can read about the format of a Sticker here
  2. Effects - Effects render over the Chat area. These generate constellation events and a Chat Attribution Message
  3. Rallies - These render over the video area and above the MixPlay layer.

Skill Events

You'll see some new events in regards to Skills in both Chat and Constellation.

Type Name Details
Chat Event Skill Attribution Sent when a non-chat based skill is used in a channel. More info here
Chat Event DeleteSkillAttribution Sent when a skill has been canceled by a channel moderator. More info here
Chat Event ChatMessage (Stickers) A new format for chat messages which contain a Sticker. More info here
Constellation channel:{id}:skill Sent when a Skill is fired on a channel. For payload see here

Skill Moderation

Moderators in a channel can cancel a skill by deleting the attribution message in chat. A method is also available for developers, when this method is called the active skill will be canceled or deleted. Sparks are not refunded when this happens. The method is called CancelSkill.

Skill Endpoints

Formal REST Documentation is coming soon but until then take a look at the following endpoints:

  • POST /api/v1/catalog/skills/channels/{channelId}?locale=en-US with a body {"globalLevel":<your level>} - Requires authentication via JWT or XToken.

Spark Patronage

With Mixer's new Spark Patronage system sparks are now counted against a spark milestone for partners. Each Milestone has a defined start and end date. During a milestone period sparks spent on MixPlay and Skills contribute to the milestone.

Spark Patronage Events

As a spark milestone progresses you'll see regular constellation events as users spend sparks:

Name Details
channel:{id}:patronageUpdate Sent when spark patronage for a channel is updated. For payload see here


Formal REST Documentation is coming soon but until then take a look at the following endpoints:

  • GET /api/v2/levels/patronage/channels/{id}/status for the patronage status of a channel
  • GET /api/v2/levels/patronage/resources/{patronagePeriodId} for information about the current milestone.


There's also a developer orientated FAQ. We'll be keeping this up to date as we roll out Season 2.