Channel Progression

In Channel Progression enabled channels each user will earn Hearts for interacting with channel. Hearts will be earnt for various types of interactions including:

  • Chatting
  • Watching
  • Spending Embers
  • Subscribing

As Mixer grows with additional features the list of items which grant Hearts will also grow.

As users rank up, they unlock new badges which appear beside their username in chat:

As developers you can learn more about a user's rank using our API.

Terminology Note

In our API you'll see the property name level used. Within our endpoints however we use the term Rank. Additionally our API uses the term xp which is referred to as Hearts within our endpoints.

REST Endpoints

Getting a user's rank

You can use GET{channelId}/users/{userId} to look up the rank of a particular user.

The response matches the payload of the Level Up Constellation Event.

Getting a list of Levels

You can GET to look up a list of ranks. The response contains an array called levels whose members contain the following properties.

Property Type Description
level uint The rank number for this entry
minXp uint The minimum Hearts points required for this level.
color string A hexadecimal color code for the color of this level.
complement string A hexadecimal color code for the complement color of this level.
assetUrl string A url path for the image for this level

Example Level Object

    "assetsUrl": "{variant}",
    "color": "#aaafb6",
    "complement": "#66A1F4",
    "level": 1,
    "minXp": 0

Asset Urls

In the above example level object you'll see the string {variant}. For example, if the URL is given as:{variant}

You can replace it with any of the following terms to get variations of the image for that rank:

Variant Image

Constellation Events

You can subscribe to the Level Up Constellation Event to receive an event when a user levels up in a channel.

Further Questions

If you have further questions please send us an email.