Mixer provides a set of embeddable components so that you can bring parts of the Mixer platform to your website.

The parts included are:

  • The Video Player
  • Chat
  • MixPlay Controls

Getting an Embed URL

To get the embed URL for a channel simply add the Channel's name to the following URLS where it says <channel name>:

  • For the Video Player: https://mixer.com/embed/player/
  • For Chat: https://mixer.com/embed/chat/
  • For MixPlay: https://mixer.com/embed/controls/

Adding the Embed

Once you have a URL just create a HTML iframe with the src property set to the url. For example:

<iframe src="https://mixer.com/embed/player/mixer"></iframe>

Would embed the Mixer Channel's Video Player.

Video Options

For the video player you can provide extra query parameters on the URL to control various settings of the embed:

  • disableCostream - Set this to true to prevent the Embed from display CoStreams.
  • disableLowLatency - Set this to true to disable FTL Playback. This will make the video HLS instead.
  • muted - Set this to true to mute the video player on load.
  • vod - Provide a VOD Id here to Embed a VOD.
  • t - Provide a time here to skip to this time within the vod
  • disableLinks - Set this to true to prevent links within the Embed
  • hideChannel - Set this to true to hide the channel/"Watch on Mixer" link for this embed.
  • mixplay - Set this to true to show MixPlay controls in the embed. Defaults to false.

Chat Options

For the Chat Embed you can provide extra query parameters on the URL to control various settings:

  • composer - Set this to false to hide the composition/text entry part of chat. This also hides the viewer count.

Embed Styling & Sizing

As our embeds are just iframes you can style them using CSS. Give them a HTML class or ID and then write rules for them. If you set the IFrame's size the embed will automatically adjust to reflect the new size. A good set of standard styling is:

iframe {
    border: 0px;
    overflow: hidden;

This removes the default grey border most browsers will give iframes and prevent any scrollbars from appearing which can look unsightly.