Rate Limits

Mixer's Core API has rate limiting in place to ensure service and platform stability. When making requests you should keep these limits in mind. The rate limits are structured into buckets. Each Bucket has its own limit and your requests contribute to the matching bucket for that endpoint.


Name Request Count Time Interval (in Seconds)
analytics 100 60
channel-follow 100 60
channel-read 1000 300
channel-search 20 5
channel-write 250 300
chats 500 60
contact 3 60
global 1000 60
ingest 5 60
mail-subscribe 3 60
notification-read 100 60
report 10 60
upload 5 600
upload-interactive 15 300
user-email 2 86400
user-login 50 60
user-login-failed 8 900
user-read 500 60
user-write 100 60

Endpoints within each Bucket can be called Request Count times per Time Interval.

Exceeding Rate Limits

When you exceed a rate limit you will see a 429 Too Many Requests.

If you are regularly exceeding our rate limits, first ensure that your calling pattern is optimized. Here are some things to try:

Rate Limit Exceptions

If your use case is unique or you'd like to discuss getting a rate limit exception, please reach out to our Developer Inquiry Address. Fair warning though, we rarely grant these at this time.