Ad-Break Trigger API (Beta)

Trigger an ad-break on a channel. Ad-break includes a single ad up to 30s long. Ad-break can be triggered up to 2 times every 15 minutes (see errors below). Ad-Break can only be run on an online channel. Ad-Break is not supported during co-streams or while hosting a channel.


POST /api/v2/ads/channels/{channelId}


OAuth required for scope chat:ad_break

Request Body

    "requestId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
  • requestId is any random GUID.


Response Description Example
200 Success { "id": {ChannelID}}
400 Bad Request (see chart below for error codes) {"errorCode": code, "errorMessage": "string"}
401 Unauthorized N/A
403 No permission to run ad {"errorCode": 42023, "errorMessage": "[Debug] The OAuth token is missing the chat:ad_break scope."}
404 Empty Response Body N/A
429 Throttled due to ad limit (2 every 15 minutes) N/A

400s Error Code Breakdown

Error Code Description String
42020 Channel offline "[Debug] Oops! You can't run ads while offline."
42002 Channel not found "[Debug] Channel not found."
42008 Channel is co-streaming "[Debug] Oops! You can't run ads while co-streaming."
42007 Channel is hosting someone else "[Debug] Oops! You can't run ads while hosting."
42004 Feature not supported for channel "[Debug] Oops! The ad break feature is not enabled for this channel."
42018 Deserialization Failure "[Debug] Invalid channelId in path"
42012 Invalid Path Variable "[Debug] The request body is invalid."