Getting UNOTFOUND a lot?

This error means that the chat server you're connecting to can't find a record of you when you try to authenticate. This can be caused by a number of reasons so make sure to check the following things:

  • That you're not confusing channelIds and userIds. These are two different numbers.
  • That the channel you're trying to connect to is valid and has not been suspended or banned.
  • That you've retrieved an authentication key from the GET /chats/{channelId} endpoint recently. Authentication keys expire after a short period.
  • That you're calling the auth method with 3 arguments that are not null in the following order:
    • The channel id of the channel you wish to chat in encoded as a Number.
    • The user id of the user you wish to chat as encoded as a Number.
    • An authentication key retrieved from GET /chats/{channelId}, where channelId matches the first argument. It should be encoded as a String.