The Mixer Developer Show

The Mixer Developer Show is your source for learning more about developing all things Mixer and MixPlay! Join us live Wednesdays at 1pm PST/4pm EST to level up your Mixer know-how and influence our tutorials.

Episode 15: Custom Control Leaderboards
Diving into the new Leaderboards endpoint

In the fifteenth episode we explore the new Leaderboards endpoint and incorporate it into a project with Custom Controls.

Episode 14: Optimizing Custom Controls
Performance improvements to Custom Controls

In the fourteenth episode we look at past work on the Mini Map Custom Controls, and optimize things for better performance.

Episode 13: Tutorial Project Custom Control
Custom Controls & Development Practices

In the thirteenth episode we go through the Custom Control tutorial project, and discuss controversial development practices.

Episode 12: Unity Custom Control Pt. 3
More progress with Unity Custom Controls

In the twelfth episode we make more progress with Custom Controls and Unity, and discuss getting into software development.

Episode 11: Unity Custom Control Pt. 2
Continuing Custom Controls with Unity

In the eleventh episode we continue our work with Custom Controls and Unity, and incorporate viewer interaction into the game.

Episode 10: Unity Custom Control
Custom Control Mini Map

In the tenth episode we start building a Mini Map using Custrom Controls and Unity.

Episode 9: Tower Defense
Deprecations and MixPlay Tower Defense

In the ninth episode we talk about upcoming deprecations and dive into a MixPlay Tower Defense game.

Episode 8: Season 2
Skills, Patronage, and more!

In the eighth episode we look at Season 2, the latest major update from Mixer. We discuss changes and new features availble for developers.

Episode 7: Live Loading with Constellation
Using Constellation for liveloading events

In the seventh episode we look at Constellation, our service that can be used for liveloading events. We also show a new game from VVSpaceship, Arms Race.

Episode 6: Chat & Chatbots
Mixer Chat, Chatbots, and OAuth

In the sixth episode we show a Chrome extension to blur deleted chat messages, cover the basics of chat, and show how to make a Chatbot.

Episode 5: Custom Controls Continued
Mixer API & Custom Controls

In the fifth episode we talk about our latest MixPlay Exclusive, Halls of Horror, and using the Mixer API with Custom Controls.

Episode 4: Custom Controls for Realz!
Exploring Custom Controls and the CDK

Our fourth episode where we go over Deaths Door, a high-level overview of Custom Controls, and introduce the CDK.

Episode 3: A Prelude to Custom Controls
Diving in to MixPlay Custom Controls

Our third episode, where we start exploring Game Clients and Custom Controls.

Episode 2: Viewer Agency
Individual viewer agency in Unity

Our second episode where we explore play agency through Mixer.

Episode 1: Hello World!
Welcome to the Mixer Dev Show!

Our inaugural episode! Join us as we provide an overview of the platform, and walk through a simple Unity tutorial project.