The Mixer Developer Show

The Mixer Developer Show is your source for learning more about developing all things Mixer and MixPlay! Join us live Wednesdays at 1pm PST/4pm EST to level up your Mixer know-how and influence our tutorials.

Episode 8: Season 2
Skills, Patronage, and more!

In the eighth episode we look at Season 2, the latest major update from Mixer. We discuss changes and new features availble for developers.

Episode 7: Live Loading with Constellation
Using Constellation for liveloading events

In the seventh episode we look at Constellation, our service that can be used for liveloading events. We also show a new game from VVSpaceship, Arms Race.

Episode 6: Chat & Chatbots
Mixer Chat, Chatbots, and OAuth

In the sixth episode we show a Chrome extension to blur deleted chat messages, cover the basics of chat, and show how to make a Chatbot.

Episode 5: Custom Controls Continued
Mixer API & Custom Controls

In the fifth episode we talk about our latest MixPlay Exclusive, Halls of Horror, and using the Mixer API with Custom Controls.

Episode 4: Custom Controls for Realz!
Exploring Custom Controls and the CDK

Our fourth episode where we go over Deaths Door, a high-level overview of Custom Controls, and introduce the CDK.

Episode 3: A Prelude to Custom Controls
Diving in to MixPlay Custom Controls

Our third episode, where we start exploring Game Clients and Custom Controls.

Episode 2: Viewer Agency
Individual viewer agency in Unity

Our second episode where we explore play agency through Mixer.

Episode 1: Hello World!
Welcome to the Mixer Dev Show!

Our inaugural episode! Join us as we provide an overview of the platform, and walk through a simple Unity tutorial project.