Deprecations coming to Chat Chatters List

As Mixer grows, our API needs to grow too. This sometimes leads to deprecations. With the power of our new developer site, we're taking a more active role in announcing them. You'll see a blog post from our team detailing the changes we're making and what you need to do. The first example of this is with the deprecation of V1 of the Chat Chatters List API.

Chat Chatters List API

A new version of the Chatters List API is now available. It exists in the V2 path. See "What is V2?" for more info on the V2 path.

The new API has the following changes:

  • Removes the /chats/{channelId}/friends endpoint. This endpoint is not being used in any Mixer Application and we've seen a very small usage of it globally in our telemetry.
  • Changes the calling pattern of /chats/{channelId}/users. This will affect pagination.
  • Removes the /chats/{channelId}/users/search endpoint. Instead supply a username query parameter to /chats/{channelId}/users to search.
  • Removes some fields from the ChatUser model:
    • Removes the nested user field which contained:
      • level - Level of the ChatUser.
      • experience - Experience of the ChatUser.

Deprecating the Chatters List API V1

With V2 available we plan to deprecate the chatters list V1 as soon as possible. We're closely monitor the use of these endpoints and we're actively reaching out to all parties we see who are still on the V1 API.

What do I need to do?

As soon as possible, if you use the V1 Chat Viewer List API. Move to V2.

What do I do if I have questions?

Drop us a line here.


REST Documentation for V2 endpoints being a part of our regular REST reference is in progress so until then the documentation for these new endpoints can be found on a separate page here.

We'll redirect this page back to the overall REST reference page once its in amongst the other endpoints.

That's all for now, keep an eye on this blog for more posts and cool things coming soon.