Auto Hosting and More

Auto Hosting and More

Hey everyone, its been a cool week and I wanted to bring some changes to everyone's attention.

Firstly there's some exciting changes for auto-hosting and developers, in Deek(one of the engineers behind auto-host)'s words:

If you saw the announcement yesterday, we mentioned Auto-Hosting was being tested natively on Mixer.

Well, one size does not always fit all, so while building this feature, we decided to expand some of the capabilities for you to all leverage :smile:

Starting right now, if you have built your own auto-hosting tool for streamers, we encourage you to send the PUT /api/v1/{channelId}/hostee with auto: true in the body.

If you have an overlay that listens for the hosted events, the results in the channel:{channelId}:hosted constellation event also have this same auto: true passed down with it!

Now you have the opportunity to differentiate between a normal host and auto-hosting, enhancing the experience of your overlay, tools, etc. :)

You can find the updated documentation for the PUT to the hostee endpoint here

And the updated documentation for the constellation event here

Additionally, i've re-written our Node.js ChatBot tutorial to hopefully get around the confusing nested promise chain that used to be there. The code is more commented and explicit in its interactions and intentions.

I hope you all have a great weekend.